A blog to "taste"


Salento Travel - tourism experience, four words one mission: discovering food and wine tourism, a journey towards new territories, but viscerally linked to their identities, cultures and traditions, in the wake of smells, tastes and colors that unexpectedly open their eyes , and the heart, to new emotions.

This blog, born from the passion for excellent food and wine and quality tourism, intended as exquisitely sensory experiences, is aimed at that now growing number of food travelers no longer an elite phenomenon, but an expression of diversified tourism and wanted.

All this with the aim of proposing and telling, little by little, the theme of travel and holidays in Puglia, through multi-sensory itineraries in the most inspired and representative locations of the Tacco d'Italia (heel of Italy), and above all to explore and enjoy, between tradition and innovation, everything that revolves around you: typical products, regional dishes and ancient recipes revisited.

Experiencing special tastings, theme tours, interactive workshops, show cooking and cooking schools, we aim to transform the "food and wine excellences" into real, unique and unforgettable "experiences" for the new tourists.

Mariapaola Pinto