Enduro Tours


A real school, real bikers, modified motorcycles - off-road excursions are aimed at discovering them beautiful sceneries of the Salento hinterland and, at the same time, a way to make new friends who share the same passion; far from the stress of city life. Participants are given the opportunity to enjoy the colors and scents of the countryside and the coast; this is possible in the Salento throughout the year, thanks to its particularly mild climate. The scenarios are the well-known ones of the Apulian territory: the "Pagghiare" (old shelters used by farmers), the dry stone walls, the rural farms, the ancient “tratturi” (old paths used by farmers), the rocky paths of the "Torre del Serpe", the "Faro della Palacìa" and the luxuriant Mediterranean scrub with its expanses of brooms, rosemary, tamarisks.