Enogastronomy Experiences Puglia

Among the top reasons to visit Puglia you will find ENOGASTRONOMY. Puglia is one of those few regions where still todays the locals go home for lunch to enjoy a wonderful meal with the family. Everything happens around the kitchen table, meals prepared with traditional recipes passed on from centuries; the food is prepared with local ingredients so everything must be in season and of course always fresh.

We love good food and our Travelers do too so we have selected a combination of experiences based on geographical location and time of the year to let you experience one of the best parts of Puglia.


Farms, Oil Mills, Wineries & Typical Food

Knowing where to look it has been key for us! The territory proposed by people who live in it and with a very objective point of view is your guarantee for a visit to an authentic place really worth visiting because of its history, its quality, its value and not because of any other interests. Salento Travel’s Team stands behind anything we propose for your peace of mind and this is why our enogastronomy packages Puglia constantly deliver the best experience.