There are more Tour Operators you can count out there. They are all pretty much the same with different websites, different logos, different languages and the same old concept of the vacation providers: put together a transfer, a hotel room, a city visit, meals and call it a vacation package.

We understand our travelers are not looking for walls, food and wheels; we know they are looking for experiences to be fully lived so when they return back home, they return different because of what they have lived with all their senses.




We have over 80 years of combined experience in the Tourism field. Our Team comes from different backgrounds and we are able to orchestrate your vacation to help you bring home lifetime memories but most important, we can help you return home different from when you left...better.




Salento Travel srls is an incoming Tour Operator specializing exclusively in the Puglia region; all our efforts are focused toward this region, yes, one region because we need to continue to explore it long and wide so we can present it to you like no one can. That is a promise!




We have a very specific concept of vacation! We can proudly say we have helped organize a vacation only when during the vacation you have been able to experience what it means to put your hands in flour, water, pinch of salt (nothing else) and make fresh pasta which you will eat right after for lunch. Or, you have been taken around in a bici-risciò, visiting places no car will ever be able to take you. We can say we have helped organize your vacation only after you have tasted authentic dishes from the Puglia´s tradition, not dishes from touristic restaurants (which often have separate menus for tourists). And then, when you we to rest at night thinking about the incredible day you just had lulled by the sound of the wind in the fronds of olive trees...only then we can proudly say we have helped you because those memories we have helped you craft in your mind will stay with you forever.